Premium Wine Accessibility Device 2016 Vintage

Premium Wine Accessibility Device 2016 Vintage


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1 wine key = 1.5 pounds of food donated to an animal rescue/shelter

Feel good knowing that your wine opener did double duty good. With every purchase of our premium wine bottle opener, we donate 1½  pounds of food to animal shelters allowing them to allocate more resources to getting our furry friends adopted and into loving homes.

Join us! Free some wine and feed some furry friends.


Made of high-grade stainless steel for durability and strength with a fine brush finish for an elegant look and feel.

Double-hinged fulcrum (science!) makes freeing that wine even easier by providing extra leverage, because anything that makes getting to our wine easier is technology we can count on.

Polished stainless steel worm with a precision-cut notched spine to allow for easy and smooth boring of real and synthetic cork. Which we hope is the only thing boring about that wine you're opening.

Beautiful gnarled peach wood handle has layers of color and may have some slightly holographic effects depending on the amount of stress curls in the wood.

An almost 1.5-inch long, rounded and serrated capsule blade that makes cutting foil and plastic capsules easy work and will give all other wine openers blade envy.

A beer bottle opener, because you don't always drink beer, but when you do you'll prefer this opener.  

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