10 Cute AF Pets / Winter Edition

Happy Holidays everyone! We hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season filling yourself with wine and copious amounts of festive foods.  Wine, hot cocoa and that ugly sweater you're wearing aren't the only things to keep you warm and fuzzy this winter, here's our compilation of heartwarming pets in festive winter gear! Enjoy!


First up is Tuna my go to friend for a smile, he's a chiweenie mix. Look at that face! How can you not be happy after seeing him. Here's a picture of Tuna looking very smart in his reindeer costume. Best doggy smile ever! @tunameltsmyheart


Next up is one of my all time favorite cats ever, Rexie! Rexie doesn't have use of his hind legs so his awesome human built him some wheels and he gets around just fine. Rexie is here to remind everyone that disability does not mean inability. @ferrecats


I'm pretty sure we can all relate to this next picture. Here's Walter a 4.5 pound chihuahua mix. Walters mom was rescued just hours before being euthanized and no one knew she was pregnant! Let's be thankful for all the wonderful people that foster, adopt and rescue all our furry friends that need loving homes! @walterthechi


Here we have the incredibly furry feline Atchoum, looking quite dapper in that sequin bowtie. I promise you this a real cat and not a doll. @atchoumfan


Theron Humphrey is a Nashville based photographer that has a huge fanbase and it's easy to see why. He features his beautiful dog Maddie in almost all his truly inspiring pictures. @thiswildidea


Three Montreal based cats and their human that loves to take pictures of them. @idrinktocat


The crazy cute and world famous Chloe Kardoggian is a 12 year old, 3 pound and 2 toothed senior rescue chihuahua. That tongue doe! @chloekardoggian


Elke Vogelsang is renowned animal photographer based in Germany. Her instagram account has some amazing pictures and features her photo assistants, 3 Spanish rescue dogs. @wieselblitz


Alice and Finnegan are the two beautiful cats you see here, their friend Oliver an adorable puppy can all be found at @pitterpatterfurryfeet . Their human Holly Sisson is professional photographer based in Toronto who takes amazing natural light photographs.


Last but not least, we have one of our favorite celebrity frenchies! Hamlin the very handsome Frenchy, kicking back (literally) and enjoying the holidays. @hamlin_the_frenchie


With every purchase of our Domaine Du Paws Premium Wine Accessibility Device we donate 1.5 pounds of dog or cat foodto animal shelters to help them allocate more resources to getting our furry friends in a warm and loving home.

Happy Holidays from Domaine Du Paws!

jason mora